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Officers and Board of Directors

Past Society President from the TN Valley

Society President: Terry Townsend (2006-2007)

Chapter Officers 2023-2024

President: Alex Ramsey

President-Elect:  Tommy McMasters

Vice President: Chris Azar

Treasurer: Logan O'Dell


Secretary: Caroline Ritchie

Board of Governors

Jac Cooper, PE, LEED AP

David Dinse, PE


Jan Jennings

Scott McKenzie

Kay Thrasher

Committee Chairs

Student Activities Chair:  

  • Open


Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Chair: Kay Thrasher​

Refrigeration Chair: Joe Runyon

Grassroots Government Advocacy Chair: Scott McKenzie, PE

Membership Promotion Chair: 

Research Promotion Chair: Tommy McMasters


YEA Chair: 

Chapter Historian: Scott Harrington


Chapter Administrator: John Richardson

Chapter Representatives at Regional Meetings:

  • Chapter Delegate: Kay Thrasher

  • Chapter Alternate: Open


This page is maintained by the TN Valley Chapter of ASHRAE in Chattanooga, TN. Nothing on this page represents an endorsement of any product nor an offering of any service by ASHRAE SocietyASHRAE Region VII, nor ASHRAE TN Valley Chapter. If you have any comments, please direct them to the Webmaster or Chapter Leadership.

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